how to run a program in terminal linux

18/02/2005 · In class, we have linux computers, and use the g++ compiler to compile and then can run these programs in linux also, just simple programs in the terminal, how would I … ... More

how to open your router

Open your router’s admin page. (See the detailed instructions below if you aren’t sure how to do this.) (See the detailed instructions below if you aren’t sure how to do this.) Log in using your … ... More

how to play lol in main screen

9/11/2012 · You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. ... More

how to make spanish croquettes

Prawn Croquettes. Origin: Spain. Croquetas are a great and extremely common Spanish tapas that are fun to make and delicious to eat. There are many different types of fillings that are used to make Spanish croquetas, from ham to cod, but this Prawn Croquetas recipe is an impressive, and relatively cheap, dish to make. ... More

how to get pass paradise island in fairway solitaire

Download this game from Microsoft Store for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile. See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for Paradise Island 2. ... More

how to play back for good on guitar

Back for Good - Take That - free chords and lyrics. Learn this song on Jellynote with our interactive sheet music and tabs. Play along with youtube video covers. ... More

how to put high school degree on resume

The strongest resume samples highlight a Bachelor's or a Master's Degree in a relevant field. Looking for cover letter ideas? See our sample School Counselor Cover Letter . ... More

how to play neverwinter nights in windowed mode

It is really easy to fix. Change the game to window mode. Do all the changes, set 1920x1080 and accept the changes. Close the game, restart the game and change it back to fullscreen. ... More

how to make korma sauce

For Korma Curry Sauce, after step 5, put all pan ingredients in blender with yogurt, blend until smooth. Transfer to container with lid and refrigerate. Cook chicken with sauce in heated skillet with 1-2 teaspoon fresh oil, then continue with step 7. ... More

how to make your own natural toothpaste

With a full set of choppers, humans have 32 teeth in their mouth. It has been stressed to us how important it is to keep our pearly whites in good condition. ... More

how to make indian bread omelette

27/12/2018 · How to make Bread Omelette with step by step pictures. Finely chop the onions and green chillies. Crack two eggs in bowl. Add onions and green chillies to it. Now add red chilli powder, turmeric powder, salt and pepper powder. Add milk to the egg mixture. Mix nicely till everything is combined. Heat dosa pan and drizzle some butter . Toast the bread slices flipping both sides. Toast … ... More

how to make gardenia essential oil at home

7/05/2011 The oils from the herbs will infuse with the oil in the jar to make essential oils. Aromatherapy essential oils must be stored in the dark to prevent light from breaking them down. Aromatherapy essential oils must be ... More

how to make a halo energy sword

14/06/2012 · well its time for me to make the Energy Sword for halo 4. here how its comin. just finshed one side and leting it glue set so i can do the other side ... More

how to make html xml compliant

Each template rule tells the XSLT processor to which portion of the source document the rule applies and provides a template (hence the term "template rule") for what to create in the "result tree" (a corresponding portion of an HTML document in this case). ... More

how to make pancakes without eggs and sugar

Cook pancakes until the tops are bubbly and the bottoms browned. Turn the pancakes over to cook other side (approximately four minutes per side). Serve hot with margarine, honey, brown sugar or maple syrup. ... More

minecraft how to make skulker box

Thanks!. 1. Dig a 3 wide by 5 long by 1deep hole block. Also, dig out the middle blocks. 2. Where you are, put a dropper (facing towards the back) in the bottom left corner. ... More

how to make homemade henna tattoo ink

Step 1. Pick a tattoo design for your temporary tattoo. Print off a design from the Internet or sketch out your own idea. Determine the location on the body for application of the temporary tattoo. ... More

how to run netflix with chromecast 1

The Google Chromecast is a handy little device that you can plug into the HDMI port of your television and use to access video content from online sources like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, the Google Play Store, and other sources. ... More

how to make window slow on mac

Because Safari is the default browser on the Mac, it’s used daily by millions of people and on the whole does its job very well. Unfortunately, over time Safari’s performance can become noticeably degraded unless you follow a few simple measures to make sure it stays running like clockwork. ... More

how to run mediation between businesses and their employees

Workplace mediation is a form of workplace conflict resolution.Workplace mediation is a confidential process where an impartial and independent third person facilitates communication between two or more people in dispute. ... More

how to make hydraulic scissor workbench

Scissor lifts require linear motion to supply elevation and this force is provided by a pneumatic or hydraulic actuator, or a mechanical input such as a leadscrew or rack and pinion drive. Scissor lifts under fluid power are preferred because a purge valve allows the lift to be lowered during a malfunction. Lifts with independent locomotion can integrate lifting and propulsion into a single ... More

how to make profile picture on facebook

2/10/2015 Here's how to turn your Facebook profile picture into a video or animation. Subscribe to CNET: Watch more CNET videos: http://www.cnet.... ... More

blender how to make a xloth

This quick Blender 2.5 video tip shows how to make a simple drop-cloth effect like those you see photographers often use. The tip also demonstrates how to make the drop cloth … ... More

how to make a thong bikini

28/12/2008 · well i really want a thong i cant buy one my mom never lets me go anywhere alone and well i would like to know how to make one easily out of old clothes and stuff ... More

how to make beer in rimworld

"At that time my partner had a beer in his hand and was beating him over the head with the beer bottle and I was able to get up," she said. A sign of things to come . Ten days later, Ms Stroebel's ... More

how to make an anglo saxon shield

Anglo-Saxon shield bosses have been separated into two main categories, based on the method of manufacturing. The carinated boss was the most common type—the design originated in continental Europe, and such bosses found in England date from the fifth to the mid-seventh century, at least. It ... More

how to make lemon filling

The lemon curd with the whipped cream folded in is really delightful; lighter than a typical pudding or custard filling. Pastries like this just aren't that great held over in the … ... More

how to make cameroon corn bear

On the night of 15 August 1984, a truck sagging with the weight of a dozen passengers trundled along a misty road in Cameroon, Africa. Although there had been no indication of a problem mere moments before, the vehicle suddenly sputtered and stalled. The driver turned the key, but the churning ... More

how to put files onto oneplus 3

Fortunately, whether you're looking to make copies of your personal contacts, calendar, call logs or simply import your media files including videos, songs, photos from OnePlus onto an iPhone and vice versa, Phone Transfer has you covered! ... More

how to make flash work on iphone

Review: iXpand Flash Drive adds easy-to-use extra storage to your iPad and iPhone You can also load up iXpand with files from your computer and make them accessible on your phone. It’s ... More

how to make a ghost cam tune

10/08/2017 · I explain how the ghost cam tune works and dispel the myths about "fake cams". Fake cams Ghost cam tune Tuning VCT Coyote mustang Coyote mustang 5.0 ... More

how to make pythin code secure

Below is a quick screenshot of the Python code to copy the program to the %TEMP% directory and then make a registry modification so this code will execute when a user logs into the computer: ... More

how to make jamaican allspice

Allspice is a Jamaican spice— the dried fruit, or berries, of the Pimenta dioica tree. It’s widely used in Caribbean cooking, and the name comes from the fact that the English, who first tasted it back in the 16th century, found the flavor to be a mix of cinnamon, … ... More

how to make pani puri recipe in marathi

PAANI PURI!Pani puri lover like me definately like this ur innovative version.Thnx for sharing easy n yes mouth watering recipe n its compulsory for me to make it ... More

how to pack picture frames in boxes

EasyPak™ Packaging Boxes Product code: BOX-XXB. Our easily assembled EasyPak™ packaging boxes are simple to construct, with pre-creased grooves to allow the box to adjust to the height of your printing products. ... More

how to make awesome origami

This model of Origami Yoda is awesome! I think ages 7-11 can make this.At school, students ask me to make one,but I ran out of paper. If your not ready for the Yoda on the fron cover of the book, I suggest you make this one tons of times first. ... More

how to pay bmo line of credit

BMO Financial Group (“BMO”) respects your privacy and protects the personal information you entrust to us, as part of the job application and search process, through the use of appropriate security measures ... More

how to make cosplay kirito

Sao Cosplay, Cosplay Sword, Anime Cosplay Costumes, Cosplay Diy, Best Cosplay, Sword Art Online Cosplay, Sword Art Online Kirito, Social Art, Costume Accessories eBay Products ... More

how to run a mulipayer game for win10 ark

ARK: Survival Evolved is a multiplayer first person survival game coming to Early Access in June 2015. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions also planned with a release in 2016. ... More

how to make all bullets align in word

17/02/2012 · If you want to replace the bullets with other formatting, or another style, you could try the Select All X Instances feature on the context (right-click) menu in the Styles pane. You will have to change the Styles Pane Options so that Word displays bullet and … ... More

how to open ucl file

Logging in from Linux or Mac OS X. Use the terminal and run the below command to ssh into the correct machine. Replace with your central UCL username. ... More

how to make your own coffee body scrub

Summer is a great time to use a body scrub and it is so exiting to be able to share this beautiful recipe with you. Making your own body scrub is so much fun and allows you to experiment with different ingredients, scents and textures to suit your taste. ... More

how to make ribena soda

Yes, I am referring to Ribena Cordial. I simply love making different kinds of beverages using Ribena Cordial for my girls and myself! For the upcoming Hari Raya, try preparing Ribena … ... More

how to make a phloem cell

First of all, phloem sieve cells (opposing to xylem vessels) are live cells. In the phloem, a transport occurs not like in water pipes (with free movement of liquids) but through cells transport structures, particularly through plasmodesmata. As live cells, sieve elements need all standard structures, including cell wall, to sustain functionality. ... More

how to make caramel sauce in the microwave without cream

Easy caramel sauce without cream, a 3 ingredients date sauce that is rich and so creamy. When life gives you dates, this is what to do with it. ... More

how to make friends at work a new job

4 Tips for Making Real Friends at Your New Job Ashley Abramson · May 27, 2018 Whether you just celebrated your graduation or you’re thinking about transitioning into your dream job , the struggle is real when it comes to making friends in a new workplace. ... More

need for speed 2015 how to clean car

28/08/2015 · As for the Aventador I can see why it would be in Need For Speed (with licensed bodykits from DMC, Liberty Walk and Novitec to name a few) but in my opinion it would be too 'Exotic' (using a Need For Speed term there) for the game. ... More

how to say a toast at a wedding

The first and most common pitfall of a wedding toast is not being yourself. Toast-givers go in one of two ways - either they get too formal and quote iconic poets, sounding pompous to those who ... More

how to make a spreadsheet on bmi on classpad

Begin with the title and fill in the columns you will need: Weight, height and BMI. Next, set up the rows accordingly. For this spreadsheet I included both the English and metric versions since both Excel formulas are different. ... More

how to make pen gun with rubber band

18/08/2015 · How to Make a Paper Gun That Shoots - ( Rubber Band Paper Gun with Trigger ) 1:43. Pakistan Army makes latest Gun. 3:13. how to make a paper gun *EASY* 1:39. How To Make STRONG Water Guns (HD) 31:58. How to make paper gun thats shoots bullets. 3:00. Easy- How to Make a BB Gun out of a Pen. 8:45. How to make a Paper Machine Gun that shoots Rubber Bands. 4:35. How To Make a Paper Gun … ... More

how to make silver stone settings

Wire-Sculpture has a brilliant variety of sterling silver and gold filled pendant settings for your cabochons and cameos. When you want to display your cabochons and cameos tastefully our pendant settings will do … ... More

how to open beatmap packs in osu

Intro: I have made my version of osu! beatmap (notecharts). Due to hard to be ranked because the specification of my beatmap to be rank, so i just made it for fun atleast.. ... More

how to make a bow out of pipe cleaners

Creative crafters can make flowers, plants, and animals out of pipe cleaners, as well as using them for other activities. Most craft stores sell assortments of pipe cleaners pre-packaged, or allow crafters to pick out individual pipe cleaners from bins. ... More

how to make a hollander beater

The Papermill Gallery is located on SHW1, at the North end of the town of Amberley in the South Island of New Zealand. It is a working papermill, Art gallery and print studio, and is well set up for visits from schools and interested groups, you are welcome to come and see how paper is made, to enjoy the paintings and woodcuts on display, learn ... More

how to make a bbq pit out of bricks

The building will need a kitchen where you can cook non-barbecue items and keep the meat warm after it comes out of the pit. You will also need restrooms and a dining area if the restaurant will offer on-site dining. Build the pit. Decide the size of the pit based on how much meat you plan to prepare at a time. You may choose to build more than one pit. The pit should be a minimum of three ... More

how to make remote desktop connection dual screen

Connect the monitor cord(s) from the monitor(s) to the laptop or desktop. Table 1: Video Connections. Display Port: Display Port is a new digital standard for connecting monitors to computers and has the capability to provide a scalable digital display interface with optional audio and high-definition content protection (HDCP) capability. Display Ports usually resemble USB Ports with one side ... More

how to make baked chicken with corn flakes

With chicken being a huge part of our diet, dinners can get a little monotonous. Hoping to liven up dinner, I bought some corn flakes and set to work on crispy baked chicken. ... More

how to make a solenoid actuator

A Solenoid Tutorial. You can not drive a solenoid directly from your Arduino. It requires more current than you can provide and produces destructive voltages when it is switched off. There is a simple solution. Solenoids take a lot of power. The solenoid I was testing with is a 12 volt solenoid the size of my thumb. It passes 1 amp of current when turned on and becomes uncomfortably warm to ... More

how to get free chips to play heart of vegas

6/01/2019 · In this page, I will assist you to get the most up-to-date MyVegas Slots Free Chips and use it to play one of the ultimate online games readily available at present. With thousands and thousands of players who open it each day, MyVegas Slots is one of the most notable games of … ... More

how to make a bubble flare brake line

How to make a bubble flare. Older brake lines required a double or lap flare and use a tube holding device and a tapered ram. To make a bubble flare, you use the same holding device and ram, but form the bubble with bubble dies. ... More

how to make a craft bag with pockets

Notebook with Storage Pockets. Colorful Beads. Patriotic Rag Balls. Pumpkin for Halloween. Monogrammed Wreath . Book Cover with Pocket. Easter Basket. Woven Coasters. Make a Sit-upon. Comfy Outdoor Seating. Carrying Case. Electronics Gadget Bag. Storage For Knitting Needles. Flower or Corsage. Patriotic Ruffled Wreath. Stuffed Toy Whale. Gingerbread Man Ornament. Garden/Craft ... More

how to make a link on a google drive file

I uploaded a pretty large file (~7.5GB) to Google Drive, and I would like to get a direct link that can be used via a File Manager (custom by server host) to download it. By direct link, I mean with a .zip at the end (that's the file type), so it links just to the file. Is this possible? ... More

how to make anti venom of snakes

15/10/2014 · Take a sterile glass or plastic cup and seal the top with saran (plastic food) wrap. Use rubber bands to make sure the saran wrap stays taut. Stick a piece of masking tape on the collection glass and label it with the type of snake that you will be collecting from. record the number of snakes if you using the same vial for multiple individuals. ... More

how to make your music louder on computer

Whether you want punchier bass from Apple Music or louder dialog in your movies, Boom 2 can help. Either make your pick from one of the preset equalizer settings or have a go at making your own. ... More

how to put a page border in publisher 2016

1. Go to the page where you want to add the faded background. If you want to use the background for every page, select the "View" tab and click "Master Page" in the Views group. ... More

how to make banana custard

When we r kids we use to eat shikhran almost every alternate day in morning breakfast Banana goes very well with milk than any other fruit Fruits should ... More

how to receive a tax offset

Benefit recipients: This tax offset is available to taxpayers who receive certain Australian Government allowances and payments. You pay no tax if you: receive the full amount of any of the qualifying benefits and allowances for the full year and have no other taxable income. ... More

how to make a website smaller on mac

24/12/2011 If the designer of the web page designed it to be wider than your screen, and not to auto adjust, then there is very little you can do to make it behave otherwise. ... More

how to make anchor tag clickable

I would like to disable anchor link ()in my HTML, making it non-clickable? It doesn't have any URL, but It is clickable and redirect to same to the page, here is code. It doesn't have any URL, but It is clickable and redirect to same to the page, here is code. ... More

how to write a successful business plan book

Writing a good book, compared to a bad one, involves one thing. Work. No one wants to hear this, but if you take two books off any shelf, Ill bet my pants the author of the better book worked harder than the author of the other one. Call it effort, study, practice, whatever. Sure there are tricks here and there, but really writing is a kind of work. Getting published. 30% of the time the ... More

how to make a sociological survey

Sociological Science is a general interest, open access sociology journal committed to the highest standards of rigor and relevance. We aim to be the flagship journal for social scientists committed to advancing a general understanding of social processes. ... More

how to pay your phone bill online tmobile

If you are a customer of Walmart’s Family Mobile service (from T-Mobile), you can pay your phone bill in a number of ways. You can pay: Online: Log in to your account here and make your payment. ... More

how to make nitroglycerin from fat

Nitroglycerin has long been prescribed to ease the symptoms of heart disease. But some people develop a tolerance, and it's dangerous when combined with drugs for erectile dysfunction. ... More

how to play draw something

Play Draw Something for free on CrazyGames. It is one of our best Skill games! ... More

how to put liquid eyeliner on bottom lid

The best way to apply liquid eyeliner starts with the set-up. Sit in front of the mirror and place your elbows on to the surface of a counter to steady your hands. Sit in front of the mirror and place your elbows on to the surface of a counter to steady your hands. ... More

how to make a paperclip float in mid air

A balloon flinker is a fun thing to create if you happen to have some birthday party balloons just floating around the house. The idea is to add just enough weight to the balloon to balance out the lifting force of the helium gas in the balloon. ... More

how to make stickers with clear tape

21/12/2018 · Cover the sticker designs with packing tape. Cut a piece of clear packing tape large enough to cover an entire cut-out design. Place it on the front of the design that you cut or printed out. Press down so that the tape adheres to the design. When placing the tape on the sticker, make sure to carefully place the tape over the design. Moving the tape after you have started to adhere it can tear ... More

how to move cells down

11/12/2004 · Move cursor down, skipping hidden rows. Discussion in 'Microsoft Excel Programming' started by, Dec 11, 2004. ... More

how to make maroon frosting

My sister wants me to make my nephews graduation cake in a few days and i would love to do something similar to yours. What size cakes is your bottom tier and how many layers in each tier? What size cakes is your bottom tier and how many layers in each tier? ... More

how to make a million dollars a year flipping houses

There is a hidden secret to flipping houses that only the most experienced real estate investors know anything about. You're about to discover what most people will never know about flipping houses. I never read about this in a book. I never saw it on a house flipping tv show. This game changing lesson was revealed to me through the real world of real estate. It started out as a hunch after ... More

c++ how to make mouse click

28/11/2009 · Ok, so my code is horrible I know. I am inexperienced and this was the best I could do with my knowledge. Basically the function of the program is to record the mouse's x and y coordinates and whether the left mouse button or the right mouse button has been pressed, then play it back. ... More

how to make indigo dye

Sara Johansen applies the shibori dye method to fabric to create custom made shibori indigo tea towels. Give a set as a hostess or holiday gift! ... More

how to make layered jello without condensed milk

30/07/2018 · Unfortunately, you can't make jello without gelatin powder. You can use unflavored gelatin, instead of the premixed flavor jello packets, but you'd have to add a flavor to it yourself. If you don't, it will taste very bland. ... More

how to make up like joker

How to Create a Joker make-up (from Batman) Effect in Adobe Photoshop In this tutorial you will learn how to create a Joker make-up (from Batman) effect in Adobe Photoshop. Make a copy layer of the background layer by dragging it down to the copy option or by … ... More

kogan how to cancel order

Kogan Travel Claim Form 1 SECTION 11: KOGAN TRAVEL CLAIMS MEDICAL CERTIFICATE Complete this form if your claim is due to an accident, illness, disability or death. ... More

how to open third relic slot on weapon

Along with traits, your Artifact Weapon will have Relic Slots. These slots can be filled with Relics that will determine raw stats such as spell power and strength. Unlike Artifact Power, Relics are obtained from more traditional means such as quests, raid bosses, and dungeons. Players using more than one specialization will need to collect all new Relics for each. ... More

how to make a round shield out of cardboard

We used a round pizza pan to trace the circle and then I used an Exacto craft knife to cut the circle out. Now I queried "Viking Shield" on Google images. My son and I looked at all the pictures on my computer and he decided on a design. ... More

how to make free phone calls on ipad 2

4/04/2010 · Visit the site! In this video I show you how to make free phone calls on the iPad using the Skype app which you can download from here: http ... More

how to make a fondant easter rabbit

Spring has sprung and bunnies abound! If youre in need for a way to dress up your Easter table, we have a delicious and adorable homemade solution: a cute take on a fuzzy Easter Bunny cake! Tip: Coloring black fondant can be a difficult process. I always keep pre-purchased black fondant on hand ... More

how to make you ejaculate more

3/04/2015 Ways on How to Improve Ejaculation of Male Semen? Have you ever wondered how much semen can your body make? Do you find yourself producing less quantity of those little swimmers? ... More

how to open a real estate brokerage in ontario

There are many reasons why an individual pursuing real estate broker license in Ontario qualification including running your own business as a broker of record (difference from real estate license agent). To become a real estate broker in Ontario, simply follow the steps below. ... More

how to put music over a video on iphone

iPhone, Video / transfer videos to vlc iphone, upload files vlc iphone, upload music to vlc iphone, upload videos to vlc iphone, vlc iphone file transfer, vlc iphone wifi transfer VLC for mobile is one of the best media players for mobile phones and tablets. ... More

how to make a taco bowl out of a tortilla

My husband preferred to make a burrito/taco out of it with a tortilla rather than as a rice bowl, but he loved it nonetheless! My cousin who ate it compared it to eating a bowl ... More

how to move big video from ipad to pc

How to Transfer Big Video from iPhone to Computer Only work for recorded videos in Camera Roll If you want to transfer large files, your options are a little bit limited. ... More

how to put a 6 month old to sleep

Most 6- to 9-month-olds sleep 14 to 15 hours a day (between nighttime sleep and naps) and are capable of sleeping for long stretches at a time. Many babies this age consolidate their daytime sleep from three naps to two, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. ... More

how to say dua lipa

Find out what Dua Lipa had to say after being nominated for two 2019 Grammy Awards. ... More

how to make a forearm wrist roller

Increasing your forearm strength will also increase your wrist strength, as the muscles that control your wrists are located in your forearms. Dumbbell workouts are an ideal way to strengthen your lower arms since the weight increments are minimal, allowing for exercise progression. You'll also experience equal wrist training since each hand is lifting a separate weight. ... More

how to say ljuly in japanese

The traditional remedy for natsubate is to eat eel, as the Japanese say “Taking eel on the day of Doyo No Ushi (end of July) can avoid Natsubate“. When days are hot and sunny , you are tempted to set the air conditioning very cold and strong. ... More

lmms how to open a pattern

In this video I show you guys a program called LMMS which is no doubt the best free program I've used to date for producing music. ... More

how to make mickey mouse cupcakes with oreos

They were a hit at our party two weeks ago, even if they did start to get a little melty sitting in the hot Texas weather for a few hours. They looked great in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cupcake liners that came in our playdate kit, and I loved showing them off on the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cupcake stand I … ... More

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how to read paint codes

VB-VK Production Option Availability; Code Description Further Description Models ; AA2 : Windshield : Full Tint : Export - (VH & VK) AA3 : Tinted All Windows (Laminated Tinted Windshield)

how to put on adhesive backless bra

Backless adhesive bra is recommended for women with small or medium size bust. It not only provides a naturally seamless fit but also all day comfort thanks to its cotton fabric. It not only provides a naturally seamless fit but also all day comfort thanks to its cotton fabric.

how to make a iron man costume out of cardboard

Masque Iron Man How To Make Iron Iron Man Cosplay Cosplay Armor Cosplay Diy Iron Man Armor Iron Man Helmet Helmet Armor Iron Man Suit Forward How to Make Iron Man Helmet, Guide For Noobs, Iron Man Chest Piece, Iron Man Armor, Mark 42

how to make cambodian soup

4/10/2013 My mom makes awesome Khmer food and I really miss her cooking especially her katiew (Cambodian noodle soup almost like Vietnamese Pho), egg rolls, Vietnamese omelet, Cambodian chicken wings, bor-bo, stir fry dish, fresh spring rolls, fish dishes, Khmer steaks, and everything else. I'm trying my best to make all of them myself and turns out my family loves my Khmer food but it's not

how to make a wallet out of paper with pockets

This useful origami wallet has a total of 4 pockets to store cards! There is a pocket on the front and on the back and inside there are two pockets on either side. You'll need one sheet of square paper, in order to fit most business and credit card sizes, use paper that is at least 20 x 20 cm (8.8 inches).

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